BITEX – The Top Ranked Educational Equipment Distributor in Viet Nam

With the guiding principles of taking credibility and product quality as the business foundation, BITEX determines to import and distribute only products from the countries with advanced technology in the world such as Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

BITEX now is the pioneer in importing and distributing CASIO calculator in Vietnam and has become the exclusive distributor of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. Moreover, BITEX has also distributed various products which play important roles in education and stationery.

Besides all the items on the list of distributing products, BITEX also owns a series of key products such as briefcase / backpack B.Bag. Especially, in the period of the third quarter and fourth quarter in 2017, BITEX officially launched 02 new brands including special stationery for pupils and students SMARTKIDS; high quality stationery for office workers OFFICETEX.

In June, 2017, BITEX was honoured in the Top 20 sustainable developing brands, and accordingly, the B.bag brand also reached the top 20 high-quality products Vietnam in 2017.

Achieving the prize of Vietnam Golden Products 2017 in December 2017 has marked the successful launching of two new product lines OFFICETEX and SMARTKIDS. Especially, in Jan 2018, the product line SMARTKIDS is continually considered as one of the high-end stationery products, reaching the Top 10 famous products qualifying the standards of nation 2017.

Until now, BITEX has been focusing on researching and product diversification, expanding business network and improving the quality of products and services. All aim towards the target of reaching to the world, expanding global business operations.

Main Activities:

• Importing and distribution

- Exclusively distribute CASIO calculator (from Japan).
- Officially distribute stationery product lines of Horse (from Thailand).
- Officially distribute paper products of APP - Indonesia.
- Officially distributed electronic dictionary.

• Building and developing proprietary brands

- Briefcase / backpack B.Bag.
- Specialized stationery for pupil & student SMARTKIDS
- Advanced stationery for office worker OFFICETEX